Verified customer testimonials

Professional testimonials

Alex Martín
World Cup coach
"It has a great response in torsion and in the longitudinal axis. I believe it's a versatyle board for freeride and freestyle."
Aleix López
Slopestyle and Big Air rider
"It's perfect for both rails and jumps as well as carving on the track, it's a traditional camber... it's the board of my dreams."
Marina Alonso
Jibbing rider
"It's wicked!! It's super reactive, powerful and very responsive. It's softer on tips which makes it easier to maneuver."
Marc Gombau
Professional Skiman
"I have been quite surprised by the finishings of the boards, they are very carefully done, down to the smallest detail."
Pau Bartolo
Slopestyle and Big Air rider
"Very good sensations, I have been able to continue the riding I had up to now, and even improve it, I have adapted very well ..."
Aitor Matias
Street and Park rider
"It has a very hard sole, I have hit some rocks and some street spots and it has endured it very well."
Pere Goicoechea
World Cup coach
"... with little effort you have a lot of results. It can support anything, it's super stable, it reacts very well ... "
Aitor Muñoz
Competition coach
"... it responds very well, both with good snow and when the snow conditions are not so good."
Kairo Arbesu
Slopestyle rider
"It's a reactive board, with a very good pop, fun and playful. I like it a lot, on this board all are good feelings. "
Dani Sánchez
Freeride rider
"It's very reactive, but it's manoeuvrable at the same time. Provides you a great confort on powder thanks to the rocker"