Siset Salleras

siset salleras snowboard

Siset Salleras

Age: 16 years old
Board: The Mountain 153
Stance: Goofy
Angulation: +15, -12

How long have you been snowboarding? How and why did you start?

I started when I was 11 by pure chance. I went skiing with some friends who had never skied before, so to go with them and go at the same pace I decided to try snowboarding. Since then I only practice snowboarding.

What the snowboard means for you?

In few words, for me snowboarding means living.

What modality of snowboard do you like the most?

What I like the most about snowboarding are the sensations I receive through the challenges that I propose to myself in big air and slopstyle, the modalities in which I compete.

You have just signed for Help, why have you decided to sign for this brand?

I decided to join Help because many riders who ride with Help talk very good about the brand. And after testing the boards I have been able to verify the quality of them.

What can you tell us about your preseason?

Right now I am in the Catalan federation and the pre-seasons are usually in Hintertux and Saas-fee, but this year with the issue of the coronavirus the program has been modified a bit and I have been lucky enough to go to the prime park (Stubaier Glascher).

What goals or plans do you have for the next season?

My main objectives are to do all the doubles 10 and 12. And as more ambitious objectives I want to do some triple 14.

If you look further, do you have long-term goals?

My main objective is to compete in the XGames, not because of the competition itself, but because of all the experiences that I will have to live to get there. In short, to be able to enjoy snowboarding as much as possible and make this sport my profession.