Natan Ndoumbe

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Natan Ndoumbe

Age: 15 years old
Board: The Mountain 151
Angulation: +10, -10

How long have you been snowboarding? How and why did you start?

I practice snowboarding since 2008, basically because I love freedom.

You are very young but you have been competing for a while, what’s your best result in competition?

My best result is being French Champion.

How was your last season (2019/2020)? What would you highlight?

It was not my best season in terms of competitions, especially because it ended very early, but in terms of tricks it was very good: I learned to do fs5, fs7, bs7, bs9 and bs doble10. Also cab 5, cab 7 and cab9.

What plans do you have for the next season (2020/2021)?

I would like to learn this tricks: bs triple y fs doble.

And if you look further, do you have long-term goals?

Win the X-Games ?