Aleix López

Rider español snowboard Aleix Lopez

Aleix López

Age: 21 years old
Board: The Mountain 156
Stance: 53cm – 54cm
Angulation: +15, -12

How long have you been snowboarding? How and why did you start?

I started at 13 years old. I had always skied, but I wanted to snowboard. My parents told me that I had to learn to ski first, so I learned quickly so I could put a board on my feet.

What has been your best moment as a professional rider?

My best moment I think was in a Slopestyle European Cup competition in which I was very motivated, I really wanted to compete, I did not expect to win a European Cup but in the end I ended up winning and it was spectacular.

Do you remember which round you did to win the competition?

Yes, I did a cab9 double in the first jump, bs10 double in the second one, and I finished the round with a fs tip toe 7.

How was your last season (2019/2020)? What would you highlight?

This 2019-2020 season I have been riding a lot in Font Romeu and very comfortable. I’ve been consolidating good tricks, like the fs10 mute grab, cab10, and double cab12.

What plans do you have for the next season (2020/2021)?

I would like to do double bs12, double cab12, if I could do also a cab14. And also make fs10 with different grabs.
I also have in mind to try a triple. I’ll do my best to do it next season.