Born to support the snowboard and help the riders.
We offer high quality snowboards for all levels, from initiation to competition.
With a part of each sale we help people with disabilities to do snowboard and improve their quality of life.

We have the best value for money in the market, thanks to our policy without intermediaries. By selling directly to riders we reduce distribution costs, and then we can reduce the final price of our snowboards.

Our formula to support riders

We offer personalized advice by phone or whatsapp (+34 626 825 518), by email ([email protected]) and Instagram (@Instagram).

Play & Train is the association that we support to help people with disabilities to practice snowboarding. Snowboarding helps them to better themselves, to lead an active life and to improve their psychomotor capacity. If you want to contribute without making any purchase, you can also do so. Go to the website playandtrain.org/colabora and make your donation or sign up as a volunteer.

This is the first Help Snowboards initiative and, thanks to your help, we want to be able to launch many more in the near future.

If you were wondering why we call ourselves HELP, now you know. If you want to know more about us, do not hesitate to contact us!


Nevasport: Cuatro marcas de invierno locales con una gran historia detrás

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SoloSnow: Llega Help Snowboards, la marca de snow con vocación social

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Sbesmag: Con todos vosotros ¡Help Snowboards!

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